As chemists, we develop, test, and regulate many facets in the everyday lives of ordinary citizens across Ontario, if not the world. This is why it is paramount for the public to have credible experts in the chemical profession.

The Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario already has in place a rigid accreditation process to examine qualifications of its members, and also has a Code of ethics and a disciplinary committee.

The ACPO provides a practical avenue for chemists to interact with peers and participate in career development initiatives. But most importantly, the Association provides a way for chemists to collectively work towards the betterment of society.

One of our main endeavours is the push for licensure on behalf of Ontario chemists to improve our standards of excellence in the eyes of the public, our peers, and our province.

Clean water, clean air, safe medicines, and safe foods...

Chartered Chemists are working diligently to make sure that all of these essentials of daily life remain available to Canadians.

Let’s make it happen!