ACPO Councillor Connecter – Ashish Sarker

Ashish Sarker, C.Chem. PhD
ACPO District 1 Councillor, Communications/Website Committee Member
Research Associate, University of Manitoba

Why would you encourage a colleague to join the ACPO?

I would encourage a colleague to join because ACPO is a recognized professional association in Ontario that always strives to promote, improve, and maintain high standards of competence, integrity, and ethics within the chemistry profession.

How has ACPO brought value to your career?

ACPO’s recognition is well known across the country, therefore, as a member, I always feel confident to work in the chemistry field with the help that the ACPO provides in my career progression.

What Chemical Industry do you work in? What do you love about your Industry?

Academic (University of Manitoba). I like to conduct research, chemical analysis, and the use of varieties of analytical instruments in the chemistry lab.

Why would you encourage a student to major in the Chemistry field?

Chemistry is a science that will inspire a student to learn and discover something that is very important in making our world a better place to live.

If you could have coffee with any chemist in history, who would that be and why?

It could be anybody who has a sense of curiosity to know about chemistry.