ACPO Councillor Connector – Nicole Millette

Nicole Millette, C.Chem.
ACPO District 10 Councillor
VP Environment, Egmond Associates Ltd

Why would you encourage a colleague to join the ACPO?

I would encourage a colleague to join the ACPO because it is a wonderful network of great minds that come together in many different industries with the same interests and backgrounds in chemical science. It is a nice way to meet people and have great conversations about chemistry and what each person brings to their individual industries.

How has ACPO brought value to your career?

ACPO has brought value to my career by allowing me to see all the different, up to date advancements in the chemical field in different industries. This is great and helps to expand my knowledge of current chemical advancements within my own field.

What Chemical Industry do you work in? What do you love about your Industry?

I work with environmental chemistry, so the chemistry of soil and water. This is pretty basic chemistry, but we work to clean different sites and restore them back to their natural state or at least at a state that is safe for humans to live or work on. I love this part of my industry and being able to positively give back to the community.

Why would you encourage a student to major in the Chemistry field?

I would encourage a student to major in chemistry because like engineering, chemistry is part of every area in our lives and you can find it anywhere and everywhere. It is very interesting and really great to be able to understand in a chemical way how our environment functions. Plus all the labs are fun and interesting.

If you could have coffee with any chemist in history, who would that be and why?

This would have to be Dmitri Mendeleev, so we can talk about the periodic table of elements and how he came by this. I think he would be an interesting individual to meet. That, or Marie Curie with her research on radioactivity.