Chemist Connector: Jafar Mazumder

Jafar Mazumder, Professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Why did you join the ACPO?

I always love to be in touch with my professional community.

What Chemical Industry do you work in? What do you love about your Industry?

Currently, I am not working in a Chemical Industry but engage in teaching and academic research in a middle eastern university.

Why would you encourage a student to major in the Chemistry field?

Chemistry is full of fun new experiences and students can learn so much about the life outside of work once they get an understanding of chemistry and their relevant field.

If you could have coffee with any chemist in history, who would that be and why?

One of my mentor/employers in my early career in the chemical industry, Dr. Abu Obaidah. He stood by my side and showed me how to love chemistry and why chemistry is so important in everyday life.