Johnson Insurance Notice: Update on MEDOC Reissue

Despite promising signs of a recovery, we appreciate there is still a lot of uncertainty around when travel advisories will be lifted and how our customers’ travel plans will be impacted. We agree that based on the current environment MEDOC customers should not yet have to decide whether to renew their coverage. To that end, we are very pleased to announce that the term of MEDOC base plan polices has been extended for an additional two months at no charge. MEDOC policies will now provide coverage until October 31, 2020.

We are also hoping the free two month extension will help provide relief to customers in the following ways:

  • Although uncertain, the 2020 travel year may not be entirely lost. If the travel advisory is lifted over the summer or fall our customers will be ready to go with coverage in place.
  • MEDOC policies are still in effect for travel within Canada (please visit and our FAQ for details).

We appreciate there is still more work to be done, including with respect to any anticipated rate changes for next year, and we look forward to providing you with additional information over the summer. Our goal is to support your members by providing comprehensive coverage at a very competitive price.

In the interim, kindly find our most recent communication that has been emailed to MEDOC customers below.