Welcome to the advantage of being a Chartered Chemist!

Now, more than ever, the public needs credible experts in chemistry. Professional chemists monitor and safeguard the environment, the workplace and a host of consumer goods. The ACPO has been the recognized provincial association for professional chemists for over 35 years. As a member, you bring stability and stature to an ever-expanding field of science applied to today’s realities.

As a member, you have the right to display the C. Chem. Certificate and use the C. Chem. stamp on your professional reports. You’ll also enjoy a number of benefits tailored to your needs, business and pleasure while keeping your finances intact.

By becoming a member of the Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario, you are joining your fellow professionals in promoting and unifying our chemical community. Provincewide we work with the public, government officials, employers, youth, and each other to push our industry further; to become a more recognized, more standardized, more sanctioned body of practicing professionals.

Member Benefits Index

Licensure and Public Protection

By pursuing licensure for chemists, Ontario is moving closer to restricting the practice of chemistry to professionals who are duly qualified, and who are governed by the Association’s code of Ethics. This, in turn, will significantly enhance the protection of the public in chemically related matters. Furthermore, licensure will increase the demand and respect for qualified chemists in the workplace. Your membership fuels the drive for this demand and protection.

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Right to Title

Full members of the ACPO may use the title of Chartered Chemist and the abbreviation of C. Chem. These designations are recognized in Ontario and reciprocally in other jurisdictions. It is evidence to the public and your peers that you have met the exacting standards of the ACPO and are bound by its Code of Ethics.

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Tax-Deductible Dues

Your annual dues are fully income tax deductible since the ACPO exists under an Act of Parliament. If you pay the dues personally, be sure to claim the full amount, and include your receipt with your completed tax form to Taxation Canada. The real cost to you is then only a fraction of your ACPO annual dues.

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Stay Informed with the Chartered Chemist News

You will receive a free copy of the ACPO’s official publication issued exclusively to its membership each year. The Chartered Chemist News is filled with valuable information on professional technical issues, interest articles and supplier information of immediate use. It also provides a key forum for effective inter-member communication. Don’t hesitate to contribute your scientific, business, or opinion articles at any time.

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Career Transition Services

For ACPO members between positions, your Association can provide valuable assistance in career transition.

  • Positions wanted and positions available advertisements are provided to you as a free service in the Chartered Chemist News.
  • Networking opportunities are available at ACPO functions.
  • Be sure to call your local district councillor, who can help you connect with other members who may have valuable reemployment information.

The ACPO recognizes special situations whereby annual fees can be waived for unemployed members or those having returned to studies full time. Some conditions apply such as having been a paying full member for a minimum of one year before applying for a waiver or submitting proof of full-time studies. If that is the case, you may contact the ACPO office at 1-800-260-0992 or your district councillor.

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Local Councillors

Your local area councillor is always happy to assist and wants to hear from you. See your membership card for your councillor’s number. We’re here to help.

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DAS General Legal Advice Helpline

Sometimes life gets complicated and having easy and unlimited access to general legal advice could be the difference between sleepless nights and peace of mind. From civil litigation, employment, wills and estate, family, and immigration – general legal information on any legal matter will be available to you just a call away – in both English and French.

The service is being offered through DAS, Deutscher Automobil Schutz (German Automobile Protection). This name reflects the German roots of Legal Expense Insurance parent company.

ACPO is paying a membership fee for each of our members, but the benefit is being extended at no charge to each of you. The aim is to reduce your stress and expenses in dealing with legal matters. In order to access this benefit, a member will need to provide at the beginning of the call the policy number. This number will be sent to every member upon successful membership application or renewal. Please contact us for the policy number if you have not received it.

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Johnson Home and Car Insurance

Meet Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario’s Preferred Home and Car Insurance Provider! For more than 125 years, Johnson Inc. has been delivering high quality home and auto insurance and plan benefits to Canadians and today they are one of the country’s leading and fastest growing providers of insurance products and benefits.

Johnson Insurance is proud to be the preferred insurance provider for ACPO members. Since 2011, Johnson has helped ACPO members find the right coverage they need.

Johnson offers excellent coverage, great rates, A+ customer service, and special discounts. Some of the great features and benefits include:

  • Exclusive discounted rates
  • First Accident Forgiveness: protects your excellent driving record in the event of a first at fault accident
  • $10,000 jewelry coverage in case of theft
  • Enhanced Water Coverage: water related losses are a leading cause of claims and it is important to ensure that you have the coverage that is right for your home. Johnson Insurance is pleased to offer you options for water protection coverage*
  • 50+ Plan – If you or your spouse is 50 or over, you may also qualify for extra services: morale assistance, nursing, companion, housekeeping services after a hospital stay, plus a home repair/maintenance referral service
  • AIR MILES® – Earn 1 AIR MILES® reward mile for every $20 in premium paid, including taxes**

For more information, visit or call 1-877-221-2127 and mention the ACPO member group plan ID code. This number will be sent to every member upon successful membership application or renewal. Please contact us for the group plan ID code if you have not received it.

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MEDOC Travel Insurance

No matter how well you plan, sometimes travel can involve a few hiccups.

When you pack MEDOC® Travel Insurance through Johnson, you’re leaving worries far behind. With MEDOC® Travel Insurance, you can enjoy an annual, comprehensive travel plan with additional value and savings. With just one call, you’ll get multi-trip coverage including Trip Cancellation coverage that is often less expensive than paying for multiple trips separately1. So, even for those last minute getaways, you will automatically have one thing checked off your ‘to do’ list.

Passenger Safety

New Driver Safety

For more information, call Johnson Insurance at 1-877-217-5833 and mention the ACPO member group plan ID code. This number will be sent to every member upon successful membership application or renewal. Please contact us for the group plan ID code if you have not received it.

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HUB International Insurance Brokers

HUB International Insurance Brokers offers an insurance program specifically designed for members of the Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario (ACPO). This program is part of group coverage subscribed to by numerous professional associations nationwide, providing you preferential rates for insurance coverage and services:

  • Coverage includes Professional Errors & Omissions Liability (Professional E&O),
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL), optional, only available in conjunction with Professional Liability Insurance
  • Pollution Liability coverage, as well as Property Insurance, is also available.

For those members who have purchased E&O coverage with HUB International, you now have coverage for Legal Expense Insurance, underwritten by ENCON Group Inc. at no additional cost.

The ACPO Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance Package will be sent to every member upon successful membership application or renewal. Please contact us for an application if you have not received it.

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Park’N Fly

Park’N Fly Airport Parking is pleased to extend its corporate discount program to ACPO members. Members can use the discount code for both business and leisure travel. If you travel frequently, you can save even more by joining the Rewards Program and by claiming Aeroplan miles. A corporate discount code will be sent to every member upon successful membership application or renewal. Please contact us for the corporate discount code if you have not received it.

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The Chemist’s Ring

This six-sided ring is a national symbol of the professional chemist in Canada and is recognized by members of the Federation of Canada’s Professional Chemists (FCPC). The chemist’s ring can be worn by any Professional Chemist who is a member in good standing of the ACPBC, ACPA, ACPO, OCQ or NSCS.

Learn more or order a Chemist’s Ring

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