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The ACPO has been the recognized provincial association for professional chemists for over 35 years. As a member, you will bring stability and stature to an ever expanding field of science applied to today’s realities. Enjoy a number of benefits tailored to your needs, business and pleasure, while keeping your finances intact. ACPO membership will also give you the right to display the C. Chem. Certificate and use the C. Chem. stamp on your professional reports. Other benefits include licensure and public protection, tax deductible dues, ACPO exclusive membership publications, and professional liability insurance programs.
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ACPO Councillor Connector – Jason Oatley

Jason Oatley, C.Chem. ACPO Registrar and District 14 Councillor Manager, Quality and Compliance, Niagara Region Why would you encourage a colleague to join the ACPO? I think it’s important for professional chemists to have a group that represents them to the public. Chemists often work in the background in a lot of industries and the… Learn More

ACPO Councillor Connector – Nicole Millette

Nicole Millette, C.Chem. ACPO District 10 Councillor VP Environment, Egmond Associates Ltd Why would you encourage a colleague to join the ACPO? I would encourage a colleague to join the ACPO because it is a wonderful network of great minds that come together in many different industries with the same interests and backgrounds in chemical… Learn More

ACPO Spotlight – 2020-09-04

Dear Members, I hope this year was kind to you and your loved ones, and the summer was somewhat enjoyable despite our ‘new normal’. It is hard to imagine these last couple weeks of summer without the effervescence of “The Ex“. But, the summer is changing into fall, the Labour day weekend is behind us… Learn More